Adjusting the Black Balance on the EOS C500 Mark II

Article ID: ART176206 | Date published: 01/29/2020 | Date last updated: 01/29/2020


In CAMERA mode, you can have the camera adjust the black balance automatically when ambient temperature changes considerably or if there is a noticeable change in a true black signal.


Adjusting the Black Balance

  1. Attach the body cap to the lens mount and set the camera to CAMERA mode.
    • If a lens was attached, turn off the camera and remove the lens. Place the body cap back on the lens mount and turn on the camera.
  2. Select MENU > [ Camera Setup] > [ABB] > [OK].
    • The automatic black balance procedure will start. It may take about 1 minute depending on the frame rate.
  3. When the confirmation message appears, press SET.
    • If the sensor is not completely shielded from light, [Error] will appear on the screen. Repeat the procedure from the beginning.
  • Adjusting the black balance is necessary in the following cases:
    • When using the camera for the very first time or after a long period of not using it.
    • After sudden or extreme changes in ambient temperature.
    • After changing the sensor mode.
    • After activating or deactivating slow & fast motion recording (including switching to another special recording mode).
    • After resetting the camera's settings.
  • During the adjustment of the black balance, you may notice some irregular displays appear on the screen. This is not a malfunction.

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