Optional accessories for the EOS C500 Mark II

Article ID: ART176211 | Date published: 01/30/2020 | Date last updated: 01/30/2020


The following optional accessories are compatible with the EOS C500 Mark II. The availability differs from area to area.
For details on using the optional accessories and on their specifications, refer to the Cinema EOS System Expansion User Guide (PDF file), available from your local Canon website.


Optional Accessories

* When attaching this accessory to the camera, the optional CL-V2 Clamp Base is required.
For our customers in the USA: Call or visit your local retailer/dealer for genuine Canon video accessories. You can also obtain genuine accessories for your Canon camera by calling: 1-800-828-4040, Canon U.S.A. Information Center.
Use of genuine Canon accessories is recommended.
The message [Battery communication error] is displayed if you use a non-genuine Canon battery pack, and user response is required*. Note that Canon shall not be liable for any damages resulting from accidents, such as malfunction or fire, that occur due to use of non-genuine Canon battery packs.
* Limited to battery packs attached to the camera itself. This does not apply to commercially available V-mount batteries attached to an optional EU-V2 Expansion Unit 2.
Battery Packs
When you need extra battery packs, select only the BP-A30 or BP-A60 Battery Pack.
when you use battery packs bearing the Intelligent System mark, the camera will communicate with the battery and display the remaining usage time (accurate to 1 minute). You can only use and charge these battery packs with cameras and chargers compatible with Intelligent System.

This mark identifies genuine Canon video accessories. When you use Canon video equipment, we recommend Canon-brand accessories or products bearing the same mark.

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