Relay recording and double slot recording with the EOS C500 Mark II

Article ID: ART176214 | Date published: 01/30/2020 | Date last updated: 01/30/2020


In CAMERA mode, the camera features two convenient recording methods that can be used when both CFexpress card slots contain a card: relay recording and double slot recording.


Relay Recording

This function allows you to continue recording on the other card without interruption when the card you are using becomes full. Relay recording is available from CFexpress card slot A to CFexpress card slot B, and vice versa. However, relay recording is disabled (the camera will not switch to the other card) when slow & fast motion recording is activated.

Select MENU > [ Recording/Media Setup] > [Relay Recording] > [On].
  • Both CFexpress card icons will turn green.

Double Slot Recording

This function records the same clip simultaneously to both cards, which is a convenient way to make a backup copy of your recordings while you record.
This function cannot be used together with relay recording or slow & fast motion recording.

Select MENU > [ Recording/Media Setup] > [Double Slot Recording] > [On].
  •  appears at the top of the screen and both CFexpress card icons turn green.

  • If a card becomes full during double slot recording, recording on both cards will stop. On the other hand, if an error occurs with one of the cards, recording will continue on the other card.
  • When using network functions, relay recording and double slot recording will be disabled while a connection setting (SET file) is selected and the camera is connected to a network.

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