EOS-1D X Mark III: Rating Images

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Rating Images


Rating Images

Rating Images

You can rate images on a scale of 1–5 (Ratingmark 1/Ratingmark 2/Ratingmark 3/Ratingmark 4/Ratingmark 5). This function is called rating.

Rating images can help you organize them.

Rating Individual Images

  1. Select [Playback: Rating].

  2. Select [Select images].

  3. Select the image to be rated.

    • Turn the Quick Control Dial dial to select the image to be rated.
  4. Rate the image.

    • Press SET, and a blue highlight frame will appear as shown in the screen shown above.
    • Turn the Quick Control Dial dial to select a rating mark, then press SET.
    • When you append a rating mark to the image, the number beside the set rating will increase by one.
    • To rate another image, repeat steps 3 and 4.


  • By pressing the Protect/Voice memo button, you can also rate images during playback ().

Rating by Specifying the Range

While looking at the images in the index display, you can specify the first and last images for a range to rate all the specified images at once.

  1. Select [Select range].

  2. Specify the range of images.

    • Select the first image (start point).
    • Next, select the last image (end point).

      A checkmark [Check] will be appended to all the images within the range between first and last images.

  3. Press the Q (Quick Control) button.

  4. Rate the images.

    • Turn the Main Dial dial to select a rating mark, then select [OK].

      All the images in the specified range will be rated (same rating) at once.

Rating All Images in a Folder or on a Card

You can rate all the images in a folder or on a card at once.

  • Under [Playback: Rating], when you select [All images in folder] or [All images on card], all the images in the folder or on the card will be rated.
  • Turn the Main Dial dial to select a rating, then select [OK].
  • When you are not rating images or canceling the rating, select [OFF].
  • If the search conditions are set with [Playback: Set image search conditions] (), the display will change to [All found images].
  • If you select [All found images], all the images filtered by the search conditions will be rated as specified.


  • Values next to ratings are displayed as [###] if more than 1,000 images have that rating.
  • With [Playback: Set image search conditions] and [Playback: Image jump w/Main Dial], you can display only the images given a specific rating.




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