Canon : Product Manual : EOS-1D X Mark III : Inserting/Removing Batteries

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Canon : Product Manual : EOS-1D X Mark III : Inserting/Removing Batteries


Inserting/Removing Batteries

Inserting/Removing Batteries

Insert a fully charged Battery Pack LP-E19 into the camera.

Viewfinder brightness increases when a battery is inserted and decreases after removal.


  1. Remove the battery compartment cap.

  2. Insert the battery.

    • Insert the battery firmly, all the way in, then turn the battery release handle as shown by the arrow.


  • There may be a slight delay before the camera turns on when a battery is used in the camera for the first time.
  • You cannot use batteries other than the Battery Pack LP-E19.


  • Wipe away any dirt on the battery's water-repellent rubber lining (1) with a moistened cotton swab.


  1. Turn the battery release handle and remove the battery.

    • Make sure the power switch is set to Power off ().
    • Flip out the battery release handle, turn it as shown by the arrow, and remove the battery.
    • To prevent short-circuits, always attach the included protective cover () to the battery.
    • When not using the camera, attach the battery compartment cap ().



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