How to adjust time code settings on the EOS 1Dx Mark III.

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Setting the time code settings on the EOS 1Dx Mark III.


Time Code

Time Code

Time codes record the time automatically as movies are recorded. Time codes always record elapsed hours, minutes, seconds, and frames. They are mainly used when movies are edited.

To set up the time code, use [Shooting: Time code].


  • Time codes may not be displayed correctly if your movies are played back on devices other than the camera.

Count Up

  • Rec run

    The time code advances only during movie recording. Time codes in each movie file recorded continue from the last time code in the previous file.

  • Free run

    The time code keeps advancing, even when you are not recording.


  • When set to [Free run], time codes are not added to High Frame Rate movies that you record.
  • When set to [Free run], time codes will be affected by any changes to settings for time, zone, or daylight saving time ().

Start Time Setting

You can set the initial time of the time code.

  • Manual input setting

    Enables you to set any starting hour, minute, second, and frame.

  • Reset

    Resets the time set with [Manual input setting] or [Set to camera time] to “00:00:00.” or “00:00:00:” ().

  • Set to camera time

    Matches the hour, minute, and second set as the time on the camera. Sets the frame value to “00.”

Movie Recording Count

You can select how time is displayed on the movie recording screen.

  • Rec time

    Displays the elapsed time since movie recording began.

  • Time code

    Displays the time code during movie recording.

Movie Play Count

You can select how time is displayed on the movie playback screen.

  • Rec time

    Displays the recording or playback time during movie playback.

  • Time code

    Displays the time code during movie playback.


  • Time codes are always recorded to movie files (except for High Frame Rate movies set to [Free run]), regardless of the [Movie rec count] setting.
  • The [Movie play count] setting in [Shooting: Time code] is linked to the [Playback: Movie play count], so that these settings always match.
  • The “frame” count is not displayed during movie recording or playback.


  • Time code

    Time codes can be added to movies as you record them to an external device via HDMI.

    • Off

      No time code is added to HDMI video output.

    • On

      Time codes are added to HDMI video output. When [On] is set, [Rec Command] is displayed.

  • Rec Command

    For HDMI video output recorded by an external device, you can synchronize recording to when you start and stop recording movies on the camera.

    • Off

      Recording is started and stopped by the external device.

    • On

      Recording by an external device is synchronized to starting/stopping recording on the camera.


  • Time codes are not added to HDMI video output when you record High Frame Rate movies with [Count up] in [Time code] set to [Free run].
  • To determine compatibility of external recording devices with [Time code] and [Rec Command] functions, check with the device manufacturer.
  • Even with [Time code] set to [Off], external recording devices may add time codes to movies, depending on their specifications. For details on device specifications relevant to adding time code to HDMI input, check with the device manufacturer.

Drop Frame

The time code's frame count will cause a discrepancy between the actual time and the time code if the frame rate is set to 119.9fps (119.9 fps), 59.94fps (59.94 fps), or 29.97fps (29.97 fps). The discrepancy is corrected automatically when [Enable] is set. This correction function is called “drop frame.”

  • Enable

    Corrects the discrepancy automatically by skipping time code numbers (DF: drop frame).

  • Disable

    The discrepancy is not corrected (NDF: non-drop frame).

    Time codes are displayed as follows.

    • Enable (DF)

      00:00:00. (Playback: 00:00:00.00)

    • Disable (NDF)

      00:00:00: (Playback: 00:00:00:00)


  • Drop frame is not used for 100.0fps (100.0 fps), 50.00fps (50.00 fps), 25.00fps (25.00 fps), 24.00fps (24.00 fps), or 23.98fps (23.98 fps) frame rates. (The [Drop frame] setting item is not displayed when 100.0fps/50.00fps/25.00fps/24.00fps/23.98fps is set, or when [Set-up: Video system] is set to [For PAL].)




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