How to take a frame grab from a 4K movie on the EOS 1Dx Mark III.
Article ID: ART176330 | Date published: 02/03/2020 | Date last updated: 03/13/2020


Grabbing a frame from a 4K movie on the EOS 1Dx Mark III.


4K Movie Frame Grab

4K Movie Frame Grab

From 4K movies, you can select individual frames to save as JPEG still images. This function is called “Frame Grab (4K frame capture)”.

  1. Select a 4K movie.

    • Turn the Quick Control Dial dial to select a 4K quality movie.
    • On the shooting information screen (), 4K movies are labeled with [4K-DCI], [4K-DCI Crop], and [4K-UHD] icons.
    • In index display, press SET to switch to single-image display.
  2. In the single-image display, press SET.

    • The movie playback panel will appear.
  3. Select a frame to grab.

    • Use the movie playback panel to select the frame to grab as a still image.
    • For movie playback panel instructions, see Movie playback panel.
  4. Select [Frame Grab].

  5. Save the image.

    • Select [OK] to save the current frame as a JPEG still image.
    • Check the destination folder and image file number.
  6. Select the image to display.

    • Select [View original movie] or [View extracted still image].


  • Frame grabbing is not possible from the following 4K movies.

    • RAW movies
    • Movies recorded with [Shooting: Canon Log settings] set to [On]
    • Movies recorded with other cameras
  • Frame grabbing is not possible while the camera is connected to a computer.