EOS-1D X Mark III: System Status Display

Article ID: ART176367 | Date published: 02/03/2020 | Date last updated: 09/15/2023


System Status Display


System Status Display

System Status Display

You can check the camera's serial number, firmware version, and shutter-release cycles on this screen. You can also check the status log for past errors.

Checking camera status with this feature and requesting any required maintenance at a Canon Service Center can reduce camera problems.

Checking the Error Log

You can check a record of past errors, as well as lens, flash, and battery usage at the time of occurrence.

  1. Select [Set-up: System status display].

  2. Check the details as needed.


    • The camera status log screen lists the five most recent error records. If more than five records are logged, the oldest record is deleted automatically.
    • Shutter-release cycles are indicated in units of 1,000.
  3. Check the log as needed.

    • On the screen in step 2, press the INFO button.
    • “Err **” indicates error information ().
  4. Check the details as needed.

    • Turn the Quick Control Dial dial to select an item, then press the INFO button to view error details.
    • Turn the Quick Control Dial dial to check details.

Clearing the Camera Status Log

To clear all log information displayed, press the Erase button in step 3.




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