EOS-1D X Mark III: Part Names

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Part Names


Part Names

Part Names

  1. (1)Lens mount index
  2. (2)Depth-of-field preview button
  3. (3)Multi-function button 2
  4. (4)Self-timer lamp
  5. (5)Shutter button
  6. (6)Grip
  7. (7)Vertical-grip On/Off switch
  8. (8)Multi-function Vertical-grip AF area selection/
    Vertical-grip AF method selection/
    Vertical-grip multi-function/
    Vertical-grip FE lock/
    Vertical-grip multi-spot metering button
  9. (9)Vertical-grip main dial
  10. (10)Vertical-grip shutter button
  11. (11)Hand strap mount
  1. (12)Mirror
  2. (13)Movie shooting microphone
  3. (14)Lens lock pin
  4. (15)Lens release button
  5. (16)Lens mount
  6. (17)Contacts
  7. (18)Vertical-grip depth-of-field preview button
  8. (19)Vertical-grip Multi-function button 2
  9. (20)Tripod socket
  10. (21)Serial number
  11. (22)Accessory positioning hole
  12. (23)Body cap
  1. (1)White balance selection White balance selection button
  2. (2)LCD panel illumination LCD panel illumination button
  3. (3)GPS antenna
  4. (4)Hot shoe
  5. (5)Flash sync contacts
  6. (6)Eyecup
  7. (7)Screen
  8. (8)Q (Quick Control) Quick Control button
  9. (9)AF start Vertical-grip AF start button/
    Vertical-grip smart controller
  10. (10)Speaker
  1. (11)Exposure comp. Exposure compensation/
    Aperture value setting button
  2. (12)Multi-function AF area selection/
    AF method/
    FE lock/
    Multi-spot metering button
  3. (13)ISO ISO speed setting/Time display button
  4. (14)Main Dial Main dial
  5. (15)Strap mount
  6. (16)Multi-controller Multi-controller
  7. (17)SET Setting button
  8. (18)Quick Control Dial Quick control dial
  9. (19)Multi-controller Vertical-grip Multi-controller
  10. (20)AE Lock Vertical-grip AE lock button
  11. (21)AF point selection Vertical-grip AF point selection button
  1. (1)Flash exp comp/metering mode Flash exposure compensation/
    Metering mode selection button
  2. (2)MODE Shooting mode selection button
  3. (3)Drive mode/AF operation Drive mode/
    AF operation selection button
  4. (4)AEB setting AEB setting button
  5. (5)System extension mounting hole
  6. (6)Terminal cover
  7. (7)System extension terminal
  8. (8)External microphone IN terminal External microphone IN/
    Line input terminal
  9. (9)Headphone terminal Headphone terminal
  10. (10)Remote control terminal Remote control terminal (N3 type)
  11. (11)Top LCD panel
  1. (12)Live View shooting Live View shooting/
    Movie Movie shooting switch

    Start/Stop Start/Stop button

  2. (13)AF start AF start button/
    Smart controller
  3. (14)AE lock AE lock button
  4. (15)AF point selection AF point selection button
  5. (16)Eyepiece shutter lever
  6. (17)Viewfinder eyepiece
  7. (18)Dioptric adjustment knob
  8. (19)Wired LAN connection Ethernet RJ-45 terminal
  9. (20)Digital terminal Digital terminal
  10. (21)HDMI mini OUT terminal HDMI mini OUT terminal
  11. (22)PC terminal PC terminal
  1. (1)Focal plane mark Focal plane mark
  2. (2)INFO Info button
  3. (3)MENU Menu button
  4. (4)Strap mount
  5. (5)Network lamp Network lamp
  6. (6)Battery release handle
  7. (7)Battery
  8. (8)Playback Playback button
  9. (9)Card/image size selection Card/Image size selection button
  10. (10)Index/Magnify/Reduce Index/Magnify/Reduce button
  11. (11)Rear LCD panel
  1. (12)Card slot 1
  2. (13)Card slot 2
  3. (14)Card slot cover
  4. (15)Card 1 eject button
  5. (16)Card 2 eject button
  6. (17)Access lamp
  7. (18)Card slot cover release handle
  8. (19)Power/Multi-function lock switch
  9. (20)Voice memo microphone
  10. (21)Protect/Voice memo Protect/Voice memo button
  11. (22)Erase Erase button
  12. (23)Battery compartment cap

Viewfinder information display

  1. (1)Electronic level
  2. (2)Spot metering circle
  3. (3)Focusing screen
  4. (4)Grid
  5. (5)Metering mode
  6. (6)Shooting mode
  7. (7)White balance
  8. (8)Drive mode
  9. (9)Image type
  10. (10)AF operation
  11. (11)Large Zone AF frame
  12. (12)Area AF frame
  13. (13)AF point (viewfinder) AF point

    Spot AF (viewfinder) Spot AF point

  14. (14)Flicker detection
  1. (15)Exposure level indicator
    (metering/flash exposure levels)
  2. (16)Maximum burst

    Number of remaining multiple exposures

  3. (17)JPEG JPEG icon
  4. (18)RAW RAW icon
  5. (19)Battery Level 100-70 Battery level
  6. (20)AF status indicator AF status indicator
  7. (21)Warning icon Warning icon
  8. (22)Exposure level scale

    1 stop: 1-stop

    1/3 stop: 1/3-stop

  9. (23)Standard exposure index
  10. (24)Overexposure
  11. (25)Flash overexposure
  12. (26)Exposure level
  13. (27)Flash exposure level

    Flash exposure compensation amount

    Multi-spot metering amount

  14. (28)Flash underexposure
  15. (29)Underexposure
  • The display will show only the settings currently applied.
  • AF points light up in red.
  1. (1)ISO ISO speed
  2. (2)Manual exposure
  3. (3)AE Lock AE lock

    AEB in progress

    Multi-spot metering

  4. (4)Flash Flash ready

    FE lock out-of-range warning

  5. (5)FE lock FE lock

    FEB in progress

    High-speed sync High-speed sync

  6. (6)AF point selection

    (Area Autofocus, SEL Center, SEL Autofocus)

    AF point registration

    (Area HP, SEL Center, SEL HP)

    Current time

    Card warning (Card 1/2/1,2)

  7. (7)Shutter speed

    Bulb (buLb)

    FE lock (FE lock)

    Busy (buSY)

    Multi-function lock warning (L)

    No card warning (Card)

    Error codes (Err)

  1. (8)Focus indicator Focus indicator
  2. (9)AF status indicator AF status indicator
  3. (10)ISO speed

    Dust Delete Data acquisition

    (- - - - -)

  4. (11)Highlight tone priority Highlight tone priority
  5. (12)Number of available shots

    Card full warning (Full)

    Card error warning (Err)

    Error number

  6. (13)Exposure level indicator (setting value)

    Exposure compensation amount

    AEB range

  7. (14)Aperture value

    AI Bounce mode active (AI_b)

    AEB amount

    Dust Delete Data acquisition (- -)

Top LCD panel

  1. (1)Shutter speed

    Bulb (buLb)

    Bulb exposure time (min.:sec.)

    FE lock (FE lock)

    Busy (buSY)

    Multi-function lock warning (L)

    Cleaning image sensor (CLn)

    AI Bounce mode active (AI_b)

    No-card warning (Card)

    Error codes (Err)

  2. (2)Shooting mode

    Program AE Program AE

    Aperture-priority AE Aperture-priority AE

    Manual exposure Manual exposure

    Shutter-priority AE Shutter-priority AE

    Custom shooting mode 1/Custom shooting mode 2/Custom shooting mode 3 Custom shooting mode

  3. (3)Mirror lockup Mirror lockup
  4. (4)White balance correction White balance correction
  5. (5)Auto Lighting Optimizer Auto Lighting Optimizer
  1. (6)Aperture value

    AEB amount

    Dust Delete Data acquisition (- -)

  2. (7)AF point selection

    (Area Autofocus, SEL Center, SEL Autofocus)

    AF point registration

    (Area HP, SEL Center, SEL HP)

    Card warning (Card 1/2/1,2)

  3. (8)Number of available shots

    Self-timer countdown

    Bulb exposure time (hours)

    Custom white balance acquisition display ([ * ])

    Card full warning (Full)

    Card error warning (Err)

    Error number

    Remaining images to record

  4. (9)AF operation

    One-Shot AF One-Shot AF

    AI Servo AF AI Servo AF

  5. (10)Metering mode

    Evaluative metering Evaluative metering

    Partial metering Partial metering

    Spot metering Spot metering

    Center-weighted average metering Center-weighted average metering

  • The display will show only the settings currently applied.
  1. (1)ISO ISO speed
  2. (2)Highlight tone priority Highlight tone priority
  3. (3)White balance

    Auto white balance Auto (Ambience priority)

    Auto: White priority Auto (White priority)

    Daylight Daylight

    Shade Shade

    Cloudy Cloudy

    Tungsten light Tungsten light

    White fluorescent light White fluorescent light

    Flash Flash

    Custom Custom

    Color temperature Color temperature/Personal white balance

  4. (4)Monochrome shooting Monochrome shooting
  5. (5)Flash exposure compensation Flash exposure compensation
  6. (6)Exposure level indicator (setting value)

    Exposure compensation amount

    AEB range

    Flash exposure compensation amount

  1. (7)ISO speed

    Color temperature

    Custom white balance number

    Personal white balance (PC-*)

    Dust Delete Data acquisition (- - - - -)

  2. (8)HDR PQ HDR PQ
  3. (9)Drive mode

    Single shooting Single shooting

    High-speed continuous shooting High-speed continuous shooting

    continuous shooting Medium-speed continuous shooting

    Low-speed continuous shooting Low-speed continuous shooting

    Single Soft shooting Single Soft shooting

    Soft continuous shooting Soft continuous shooting

    Soft low speed continuous Soft low-speed continuous shooting

    10 sec. self-timer Self-timer: 10 sec.

    2 sec. self-timer Self-timer: 2 sec.

  4. (10)multiple-exposure shooting Multiple exposure shooting
  5. (11)Battery level
  6. (12)AEB setting AEB

Rear LCD panel

  1. (1)GPS acquisition status GPS acquisition status*1
  2. (2)Card 2 indicator Card 2 indicator
  3. (3)Card selection Card 2 selection icon
  4. (4)Card 1 indicator Card 1 indicator
  5. (5)Card selection Card 1 selection icon
  6. (6)Image size

    Large Large

    Medium1 Medium1

    Medium2 Medium2

    Small Small



    Compact RAW Compact RAW

  1. (7)Logging function Logging function
  2. (8)Wired LAN connection Wired LAN connection*2
  3. (9)Bluetooth Paired via Bluetooth
  4. (10)Wi-Fi function Wi-Fi function
  5. (11)Wireless LAN connection Wireless signal strength
  6. (12)Data transfer Data transfer icon*3
  7. (13)WFT Connected to WFT
  8. (14)File number
  9. (15)Folder number
  • 1: Appears when built-in GPS features are used.
  • 2: Appears when connected to a wired LAN.
  • 3: Appears when connected to a computer or smartphone.
  • The display will show only the settings currently applied.

Battery Pack LP-E19

  1. (1)Battery lock lever
  2. (2)Contacts
  1. (3)Protective cover
  2. (4)Battery release handle

Battery Charger LC-E19

Charger for Battery Pack LP-E19 ().

  1. (1)Contacts
  2. (2)Battery slots
  3. (3)Power cord socket
  4. (4)Recharge performance check button/Calibration button
  1. (5)Charge lamp/Recharge performance check lamp/Discharge time lamp
  2. (6)Calibration (discharge) lamp
  3. (7)Protective cover (two included)
  4. (8)Power cord

Attaching the Strap

Pass the end of the strap through the strap mount from the bottom, then pass it through the strap buckle as shown. Pull the strap to take up any slack and make sure the strap will not loosen from the buckle.

Using the Cable Protector

When connecting the camera to a computer, use the included interface cable or a Canon cable.

When connecting an interface cable, also use the included cable protector. Using the cable protector helps prevent accidental disconnection and terminal damage.

Using the included interface cable and a Canon HDMI cable (sold separately)

    • (1) Cable protector
    • (2) Clamp
    • (3) Included interface cable
    • (4) HDMI cable (sold separately)

Using an optional Canon interface cable

When using an optional Canon interface cable, pass the cable through the clamp (5) as shown before attaching the clamp to the cable protector.


  • Using the camera when the interface cable is connected without the cable protector may damage the digital terminal.
  • Make sure the interface cable is securely connected to the digital terminal.


  • HDMI Cable HTC-100 is recommended when connecting the camera to a television. Also consider using the cable protector when connecting an HDMI cable.




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