WFT-E9: Displaying Browser Remote

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Displaying Browser Remote


Displaying Browser Remote

Displaying Browser Remote

Log in to "Browser Remote" on the camera from a web browser. Connect the camera to a computer, smartphone, etc., via LAN in advance.

Checking the Camera's IP Address

To access the camera from a web browser, the camera's IP address displayed in step 5 must be entered in the address field of the web browser.

  1. Select [Connection: Network settings].

  2. Select [Connection settings].

  3. Select [SET* Browser Remote].

  4. Select [Confirm settings].

    • The settings are displayed.
  5. Check the settings.

    • UseQuick Control Dial to display other screens.
    • Write down the IP address.
    • After checking it, press the MENU button to exit the confirmation dialog.

Logging in to Browser Remote

  1. Start the web browser.

    • Start the web browser on the computer, smartphone, etc.
  2. Enter the URL.

    • In the address field, enter the IP address you wrote down in step 5.
    • Press the Enter key.
  3. Enter the [] and [Password].

  4. Configure default settings as required.

    • Select [Menu display] to display the menu.

      • Language

        You can select the display language.

      • Display theme

        You can set the background color for Browser Remote. Select [Dark] or [Light].

      • AF for still photo shooting

        This is displayed when [Shooting] is selected in step 9.

        You can specify how to operate auto focus during still photo shooting. Select [AF button] or [Shutter button for AF/shooting].

      • Secure transfer

        When connecting to an FTP server using HTTPS communication, you can download a root certificate or confirm access to the FTP server.

      • Log out

        Press this to terminate the connection to Browser Remote.


  • Browser Remote cannot be used unless the web browser supports JavaScript.
  • While connected, some menu items are unavailable.




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