WFT-E9: Handling Precautions

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Handling Precautions


Handling Precautions

Handling Precautions

  • The transmitter is a precision instrument. Do not drop it or subject it to physical shock.
  • The transmitter is not waterproof. Do not use it underwater.
  • Wipe off any moisture with a dry and clean cloth. If the transmitter has been exposed to salty air, wipe it with a clean, well-wrung wet cloth.
  • Never leave the transmitter near any equipment that generates a strong magnetic field, such as magnets or electric motors.
  • Do not leave the transmitter in an excessively hot environment, such as in a vehicle in direct sunlight. High temperatures may damage the transmitter.
  • Do not wipe the transmitter using cleaners containing organic solvents. For stubborn dirt, take the transmitter to the nearest Canon Service Center (see separate sheet).
  • Avoid storing the transmitter where there are chemicals that result in rust and corrosion, such as in a chemical lab.
  • To prevent damage from static electricity, do not touch the terminals with your hands.
  • Do not touch the terminals with your hands. This may cause the terminals to rust.
    Rust may cause the transmitter to malfunction.
  • When not using the transmitter, cover the terminals with the supplied terminal cap.




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