WFT-E9: Configuring Browser Remote Connection Settings

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Configuring Browser Remote Connection Settings


Configuring Browser Remote Connection Settings

Configuring Browser Remote Connection Settings

These instructions are continued from Configuring Settings for the Communication Function.

Enter a login name and password for connecting to the camera from a computer or smartphone, etc. The login name and password you specify here are used when connecting to the camera.

  1. Select [Full control] or [Browser *].

    • With Browser Remote, you can connect to the camera from up to three devices at the same time.
    • [Full control] is an account that allows you to use all functions of Browser Remote. Full control can only be used on one device.
    • [Browser *] is an account that allows you only to view and save the images in the camera to a device. Browser* can be used on up to two devices.
  2. Set the [] and [Password].

    • Select [] and [Password] and enter the user name and password using the displayed virtual keyboard ().
    • Select [OK] to return to the screen in step 1. Perform the actions in steps 1 and 2 for the account to be used.
  3. Select [OK].

  4. Select [OK].

  5. Select [OK].

    • The [Network settings] screen will reappear.
    • Settings information is stored in the camera. It is not stored in the transmitter.

The connection settings for Browser Remote are now complete.


  • Select [Browser Remote settings] from [Connection option settings], and you can change the WFT account settings on the [] screen (). Port number settings can also be changed on the [Browser Remote settings] screen by selecting [Port no. (HTTP)] or [Port no. (HTTPS)]. Note that there is normally no need to change the port number (HTTP: 80, HTTPS: 443).




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