How do I scan credit cards with my R40 scanner?

Article ID: ART176502 | Date published: 02/07/2020 | Date last updated: 02/07/2020


 When scanning cards, please one card at a time horizontally and make sure you the [Detect by Ultrasonic] check box (in the [Feeding] tab of the scanner driver settings screen) is unchecked.


  1.  Place a single card horizontally with the reverse side facing you, and the top of the card facing down.

  2. Adjust the document guides to fit the width of the card to be scanned.

    1. Place the cards one at a time.
    2. When scanning cards, load them horizontally. If you load the cards vertically, they may not be ejected properly, and cards that get jammed may be damaged when you remove them.
    3. When scanning cards, clear the [Detect by Ultrasonic] checkbox in the [Feeding] tab of the scanner driver settings screen.

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