Operating the Camera Using a Smartphone (EOS Rebel T100)

Article ID: ART176509 | Date published: 02/11/2020 | Date last updated: 02/11/2020


You can use a smartphone with Camera Connect installed to view images stored in the camera and shoot remotely.


Operating the Camera Using a Smartphone

Camera Connect Main Window

The main functions of Camera Connect are described below.
[Images on camera]
Images stored in the camera can be viewed.
Images stored in the camera can be saved on a smartphone.
Operations such as deletion can be performed on images stored in the camera.
[Remote live view shooting]
The camera's Live View image can be viewed using a smartphone.
You can shoot using remote operation.
[Location information]
Not supported on this camera.
[Camera settings]
Camera settings can be changed.

Terminating the Connection.

On the smartphone's Camera Connect screen, tap [].


The camera can reconnect to a smartphone for which connection settings have been registered.
Select [Wi-Fi function].
Under the [3] tab, set [Wi-Fi] to [Enable], then select [Wi-Fi function].
Select [].
Select [] (Connect to smartphone) and press <>.
Select [Connect].
When settings for multiple connection destinations are registered, select [Choose set.], select the connection destination, then connect to the destination.
Select [Connect] and press <>.
On the confirmation dialog, select [OK].
  Activate the smartphone's Wi-Fi function.
    If the connection destination has been changed, restore the setting to connect to the camera.
  Start Camera Connect on the smartphone.
    A connection will be established.

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