Enable or Disable Prevent Paper Abrasion from the Operation Panel - G4200 / G4210

Article ID: ART176526 | Date published: 02/20/2020 | Date last updated: 02/20/2020


If you experience smudged prints, enabling Prevent Abrasion from the operation panel of the PIXMA G4200 / G4210 may resolve the issue.


If you experience smudged prints when printing from your PIXMA G4200 or G4210, the Prevent abrasion option may help to resolve this issue. Follow the steps below to toggle this option.

  1. With the printer powered ON, press the Setup Setup button : Pliers and screwdriver button.

  2. In the Setup menu, press the right arrow Right arrow button until Device settings appears, then press OK.

  3. In the Device settings menu, Print settings is the first option. Press OK.

  4. In the Print settings menu, Prevent abrasion is the first option. Press OK.

  5. By default, Prevent abrasion is OFF. Use the left Left arrow or right Right arrow arrows to select ON, then press OK.

  • Depending on the print media you are using, you may experience a reduction in print quality when Prevent abrasion is enabled. To turn this option off, follow the steps above but select OFF in step 5.


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