How do I scan documents longer than 14 inches (356 mm) on my DR scanner?

Article ID: ART176538 | Date published: 02/25/2020 | Date last updated: 12/21/2020


 The length of documents that can be scanned with the scanner is normally 356 mm (14"), but you can scan documents up to 3,000 mm (118.1") long by setting the scanner to the Long Document mode.

Follow the direction below to enable this feature.


 Note the following when using the Long Document mode:
  • When scanning in the Long Document mode, if the document is placed on the scanner in a skewed position, it may hit the edges of the feeding area and be damaged. Be careful when placing your document so that it is not skewed (crooked).
  • When scanning with the Long Document mode, paper jam detection may react slowly, resulting in damage to the document. Be careful to avoid paper jams.
  • When scanning long documents, make sure to set the feed selection lever to the non separation position, and scan the documents one at a time.
  • When scanning large-sized documents with the Long Document mode, scanning may be slower. Errors may also occur due to memory shortage and scanning may be disabled.
  • Scanning in the Long Document mode is supported only during USB connection.
  1. Start Windows and log in as an user with administrator privileges.

  2. Click the Start button, and then click [Canon DR-C225] and [Canon imageFORMULA Utility].
    imageFORMULA Utility starts.

  3. Click [Canon DR-C225 USB] and click [Properties].

  4. Click the [Maintenance] tab, and then select Long Document mode.
    Select [Long Document mode (1,000 mm)] or [Long Document mode (3,000 mm)] depending on the length of the document.
    Long Document Mode

  5. Click [OK].

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