Entering, checking, and deleting copyright information on the EOS 1D X Mark III.
Article ID: ART176541 | Date published: 02/26/2020 | Date last updated: 03/03/2020


When you set the copyright information, it will be recorded to the image as Exif information.


Copyright Information

  • If the entry for "Author" or "Copyright" is long, it may not be displayed entirely when youy select [Display copyright info.].
  • You can also set or check copyright information with EOS Utility.


Select [: Copyright Information].


Select an item.


Enter text.
  • Use the <> or <> dial to select a character, then press <> to enter it.
  • By selecting [], you can change the input mode.
  • To delete single characters, select [] or press the <> button.


Exit the setting.
  • Press the <MENU> button, then select [OK].

Checking the Copyright Information

When you select [Display copyright info.] in step 2, you can check the [Author] and [Copyright] information that you entered.

Deleting the Copyright Information

When you select [Delete copyright information] in step 2, you can delete the [Author] and [Copyright] information.