Working with files saved in HEVC format.

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You must first install HEVC Codec [Canon HEVC Activator (Canon EOS-1D X Mark III) 1.0.0 for Windows] (or enable it, depending on the model) so you can display files saved in HEVC format* or save images that are displayed in HDR PQ mode in HEIF format (extension: .hif).
HEIF stands for High Efficiency Image File format. Saving in HEIF format allows you to save images while retaining the wide dynamic range of HDR PQ.
* HEIF image files, MP4 movie files shot with a supporting camera having Canon Log set.


Preparation for Working with Files Saved in HEVC Format (Display and Saving)

  • To work with files saved in HEVC format, HEVC Codec must be installed (or enabled, depending on the model).
  • To work with files in the above format shot on an EOS R/Ra or EOS 5D Mark IV, download and install Canon HEVC codec from the Canon Web site. You should also start up DPP again after installing.
  • To work with files in the above format shot on an EOS-1D X Mark III, it is necessary to enable HEVC codec. Select the images in the main window, and in the [Help] menu, select [Activate HEVC codec], and follow the displayed instructions to enable it.
    You should also start up DPP again after enabling.

Saving Images displayed in HDR PQ Mode in HEIF Format

  • See "Saving Editing Results" ► "Saving as a separate image" for information on saving images. When selecting the image type in step 3, select [HEIF (*.HIF)] from [Save as type] and then save the image.
  • You cannot select the image quality or compression rate when saving in HEIF format.
  • You can [Save], [Save As], [Convert and save], or [Batch process] HEIF images.
  • You can save a HEIF image as a JPEG or TIFF image. (It is saved as an SDR image.)
    The image is processed so that it approximates display in HDR PQ on an HDR display as much as possible. However, the large difference in regions that can be rendered between HDR PQ and SDR results in a different impression of colors and gradations.
    See "Saving Editing Results" for information on how to save an image as a JPEG or TIFF image.
  • When a HEIF image is saved as a JPEG or TIFF image, the work color spaces of the saved images are all fixed at sRGB.
  • HEIF files generated with software other than DPP are not compatible with HEIF files saved in DPP. Only HEIF files saved in DPP can be loaded into DPP.
  • Images saved in HEIF format cannot be printed using Print Studio Pro software for Canon inkjet printers.

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