Saving Editing Results in Digital Photo Professional

Article ID: ART176557 | Date published: 03/06/2020 | Date last updated: 03/06/2020


Included here are instructions for saving editing contents to an image or saving as a separate image once RAW adjustments have been made to an image in DPP.


Saving Editing Contents to an Image

All the contents adjusted with the tool palette (recipe) can be saved to the image or saved as a separate image.

Select the [File] menu ► desired item.

➜ Your adjustments are saved to the image.

Saving as a separate image

To view, edit and print a RAW image with software other than DPP, convert to a more versatile JPEG or TIFF image and save.
If a JPEG or TIFF image is saved as described below, the image can be saved as a separate image with the adjustments (recipe) applied to it.
The image is saved as a separate image, so the original image remains unaffected.
Select the image to be converted.
Select the [File] menu ► [Convert and save].
➜ The [Convert and save] window appears.
Specify the necessary settings, and then click the [Save] button.
  • By default, the image is converted and saved to a JPEG image with the highest image quality, without changing the image size. Change the settings according to your requirements.

➜ The RAW image is converted to a JPEG or TIFF image which is then saved as a new image in the specified save destination.


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