Merging multiple exposures with a RAW image recorded on the card (EOS-1D X Mark III)

Article ID: ART176574 | Date published: 03/11/2020 | Date last updated: 03/11/2020


You can select a RAW image recorded on the card as the first single exposure. The selected RAW image will remain intact.


Merging Multiple Exposures with a RAW Image Recorded on the Card


Select [Select image for mult. expo.].


Select the first image.
  • Turn the <> dial to select the first image, then press <>.
  • Select [OK].
  • The file number of the selected image will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.


Take the picture.
  • When you select the first image, the number of remaining exposures as set with [No. of exposures] will decrease by 1.
  • JPEG/HEIF images cannot be selected.
  • These images cannot be selected as the first single exposure: images shot with [: Highlight tone priority] set to [Enable] or [Enhanced], or images with cropping information.
  • [Disable] is applied for [: Lens aberration correction] and [: Auto Lighting Optimizer], regardless of the settings of the image selected as the first single exposure.
  • The ISO speed, Picture Style, high ISO speed noise reduction, color space, etc. set for the first image will also be applied for the subsequent images.
  • If Picture Style is [Auto] for the image selected as the first image, [Standard] will be applied for shooting.
  • You cannot select an image taken with another camera.
  • Images that cannot be merged may be displayed.
  • You can also select a RAW image used in multiple-exposure shooting.
  • Select [Deselect img] to cancel image selection.

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