Registering or Canceling the Printer with the Auto Replenishment Service

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Learn how to register (or cancel) your printer with the Auto Replenishment Service, which will automatically order new ink for your printer when it runs low.


Starting the process

Select PIXMA printers can be enrolled in the Auto Replenishment Service. This service will automatically order new ink for your printer when its supply runs low. To enroll in this service, follow these steps.

 Information on canceling your enrollment in this service can be found here.

  1. Make sure that your printer is connected to your network.

  2. Download and install the registration app from the Auto Replenishment Service page.

  3. After the app has been installed, it will search for your printer on the network.

     If your printer isn't detected, make sure that your security software isn't blocking ports that the printer needs for network communication. Refer to the documentation for your security software for information on opening / closing ports.

  4. Select your printer, then click Register.

    Select your printer and click Register (outlined in red)

  5. Read the information in the window shown. Click Agree to proceed.

    Click Agree (outlined in red)

    The registration program will process for a few moments.

    Processing, please wait

     Clicking About this service will take you to the Auto Replenishment Service page.

  6. Select whether you want to sign up for the Auto Replenishment Service through Amazon or Canon.

    Select Amazon or Canon

If you select Amazon

You'll be asked to sign into your Amazon account. Enter your information, then click Sign-In.

Enter the information for your Amazon account and click Sign-In

Follow any on-screen instructions.

If you select Canon

Confirm that your printer and its serial number are displayed, then click Continue.

Verify that your printer model and its serial number are displayed, then click Continue (outlined in red)

You'll then be asked to sign into your Canon Account. If you already have a Canon Account, enter your information and click Login. If not, click Register to create an account.

Follow any on-screen instructions.


If You Want to Cancel the Plan

If you want to cancel your enrollment in the Auto Replenishment Service, follow these steps.

  1. Log into your Canon Account.

  2. Click My Subscriptions on the left. Then, under Auto Replenishment Service, click See My Printers.

    Click See My Printers (outlined in red)

  3. Click View Printer Details for the printer you want to remove from this service.

    Click View Printer Details (outlined in red)

  4. Click Manage Plan.

    Click Manage Plan (outlined in red)

  5. Select one or more reasons for cancelling the Auto Replenishment Service. Click Cancel Plan after providing these reasons.

    Provide the reason(s) for cancelling the plan, then click Cancel Plan

Follow any remaining on-screen instructions.

If your product issue was not resolved after following the steps above, or if you require additional help, please create or log in to your Canon Account to see your technical support options.

Or if you still need help, visit our Canon Community by clicking the button below to get answers:

Link to Canon Community Forum


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