Settings and effects for Picture Styles on the EOS-1D X Mark III.

Article ID: ART176587 | Date published: 03/17/2020 | Date last updated: 03/17/2020


Included are the available settings and effects for Picture Styles on the EOS-1D X Mark III.


Settings and Effects for Picture Styles

Strength 0: Weak outline emphasis 7: Strong outline emphasis
Fineness*1 1: Fine 5: Grainy
Threshold*2 1: Low 5: High
Contrast -4: Low contrast +4: High contrast
Saturation -4: Low saturation +4: High saturation
Color tone -4: Reddish skin tone +4: Yellowish skin tone
*1: Indicates the edge thinness that enhancement applies to. The smaller the number, the finer the oiutlines that can be emphasized.
*2: Contrast threshold between edges and surrounding image areas, which determines edge enhancementr. The smaller the number, the more the outline will be emphasized when the contrsast difference is low. However, noise tends to be more noticeable when the number is smaller.

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