Picture Style Customization on the EOS-1D X Mark III.

Article ID: ART176588 | Date published: 03/17/2020 | Date last updated: 03/17/2020


You can customize any Picture Style by changing it from the default settings.


Picture Style Customization


Select [: Picture Style].


Select a Picture Style.
  • Select the Picture Style to adjust, then press the <> button.


Select an item.


Set the effect level.
  • Press the <> button to save the adjusted setting and return to the Picture Style selection screen.
  • Any setrtings you change from default values are diaplyed in blue.
  • For movie recording, [Fineness] and [Threshold] for [Sharpness] cannot be set 9not disoplayed).
  • By selecting [Defaulkt set.] in step 3, you can restore the parameter settings of the respective Picture Style tomthe defaults.
  • To shoot with the Picture Style you adjusted, first select the adjusted Picture Style, then shoot.

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