Cleaning the Print Head Deeply from a Mac - TR150

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If you experience poor print quality (incorrect colors, streaked / banded prints) from the PIXMA TR150, and two print head cleanings have not resolved the issue, you may need to deeply clean the print head.


Cleaning the Print Head

The print head Deep Cleaning function allow you to clear up clogged print head nozzles. 

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning is more thorough than a standard print head cleaning. Perform Deep Cleaning when two Cleaning attempts do not resolve the print head problem.

  1. Select Utilities from the Remote UI.

  2. Select Deep Cleaning.

    Before performing a deep cleaning, check the following items:

    Check whether the printer is on and open the printer's cover.
    Check the following items for each ink. Then, if necessary, perform a deep cleaning.

    • Is there ink remaining in the tank?

    • Did you push in the ink tank completely until you heard a clicking sound?

    • If the orange tape is there, has it been peeled off completely?
      Any remaining tape will hinder ink output.

    • Did you install the ink tanks in their correct positions?

  3. Select Yes.

    Print head deep cleaning starts.

  4. Next, the message for printing the nozzle check pattern printing is displayed.

  5. To check whether the print quality has improved, select Yes. To cancel the check process, select No.
    If you select Yes
    check the results.

 Deep Cleaning consumes a larger amount of ink than Cleaning.

 Cleaning the print head frequently will rapidly deplete your printer's ink supply. Perform Cleaning only when necessary.

 If there is no sign of improvement after a deep cleaning, turn off the printer, wait 24 hours, and then perform a deep cleaning again. If there is still no sign of improvement, the ink may have run out or the print head may be worn

If your product issue was not resolved after following the steps above, or if you require additional help, please create or log in to your Canon Account to see your technical support options.

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