Clean and Sanitize Your Printer and Scanner Equipment

Article ID: ART176652 | Date published: 03/26/2020 | Date last updated: 03/27/2020


The following is information regarding the procedure to clean the exterior surfaces of Printer and Scanner products.


Cleaning of Printer and Scanner Products

For cleaning and to help sanitize Canon PIXMA, MAXIFY, WG-Series and Finetech Printers as well as CanoScan Scanners, we recommend the following.

You will need 70-80% isopropyl or ethyl alcohol and a soft lint-free cloth.

 It is recommended to wear protective gloves and have proper ventilation when performing this process.  Be sure to properly dispose of protective gloves when finished.

  1. Turn the device’s power off and unplug from power source and/or remove the battery (for mobile printers).
  2. Clean the exterior components of the device using a line lint-free cloth moistened with 70-80% isopropyl or ethyl alcohol.
     Do not spray or apply alcohol directly to the product.
  3. Allow the device to thoroughly dry before attempting to use it again.
This recommended cleaning procedure cannot guarantee the elimination of the novel coronavirus from Canon printer products. Be cautious in the storage and use of the alcohol, including following all product instructions and warnings.

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