Main Components of the Printer - TR150 (Front View)

Article ID: ART176653 | Date published: 03/26/2020 | Date last updated: 03/27/2020


Learn about the main components on the front of the PIXMA TR150.


Front View

Front of printer

  1. Print Head Cover
    Open to replace an ink tank or to remove jammed paper inside the printer.

  2. Operation Panel
    Use to change the settings of the printer or to operate it.

     Learn more about the operation panel.

  3. Paper Guide
    Align with the left side of the paper stack.

  4. Paper Support
    Extend to load paper in the rear tray.

  5. Rear Tray Cover
    Open to load paper in the rear tray.

  6. Rear Tray
    Load paper here. Two or more sheets of the same size and type of paper can be loaded at the same time, and fed automatically one sheet at a time.

     Learn about loading paper into the rear tray.

     Learn about loading envelopes into the rear tray.

  7. Security Slot
    Insert the security wire or other materials as a protection against theft.

  8. AC Adapter Connector
    Plug in the supplied AC adapter plug here.

  9. USB Port
    Plug in the USB cable to connect the printer with a computer.

  10. Paper Output Slot Cover
    Printed paper is ejected.

  11. Paper Thickness Lever
    Switches the clearance between the print head and the loaded paper to match the media type.
    Set to the left when printing on envelopes.
    Set to the right when printing on paper other than envelopes.

 Do not touch the metal casing.

 Do not plug in or unplug the USB cable while the printer is printing with the computer. This can cause trouble.

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