Main Components of the Printer - TR150 (Inside View)

Article ID: ART176655 | Date published: 03/27/2020 | Date last updated: 03/27/2020


Learn about the components found inside the PIXMA TR150.


Inside View

Figure: Inside view of the printer (Components shown in inset)

  1. Ink lamps

    Lights or flashes to indicate the ink tank status.

    Lights: The ink tank is correctly installed.

    Flashing slowly (at around 3-second intervals): The ink is running low. Prepare a new ink tank.

    Flashing fast (at around 1-second intervals): Ink has run out. Replace the ink tank.

    Off: The ink tank is not installed properly or the function for detecting the remaining ink level is disabled.

  2. Print Head Holder

    Install the print head here.

  3. Print Head Lock Lever

    Locks the print head into place.

 Do not pull up the print head lock lever after installing the print head.

 If you pull up the print head lock lever after installing the print head, push both tabs in left to right order until each clicks into place.

Press down on the left print head lock lever tab

Press down on the right print head lock lever tab

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