Support Code 1300 Paper is Jammed When Feeding Paper From the Rear Tray - PIXMA TR150
Article ID: ART176660 | Date published: 03/27/2020 | Date last updated: 09/23/2021


Learn how to resolve support code 1300 on the PIXMA TR150.


If the paper fed from the rear tray is jammed, follow the instructions below to remove the jammed paper from the paper output slot or from the rear tray.

Resolve support code 1300

  1. Slowly pull out the paper with both hands, either from paper output slot or from rear tray, whichever is easier.

    Slowly pull the paper from the front or rear, whichever is easier. Pull the paper slowly to avoid tearing it.

  2. Reload the paper and press the printer's OK button.

  3. The printer resumes printing. Reprint the page if it was not printed properly due to the paper jam.

  4. If you turned off the printer in step 1, the print data that was sent to the printer is erased. You'll need to print again.


Good to know

  • If you can't pull out the paper, turn the printer on. The paper may be ejected automatically.

  • If paper becomes jammed while printing and you need to turn off the printer to remove it, press the printer's Stop button to stop the print job.

  • If the paper tears and you can't remove the jammed paper from the paper output slot or the rear tray, remove the paper from inside the printer.

  • When you reload the paper, make sure you  use suitable paper and it's correctly loaded.

  • We recommend paper sizes other than A5 to print documents with photos or graphics. A5 paper may curl and jam as it leaves the printer.

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