Notes on Printing from a VPN

Article ID: ART176681 | Date published: 03/31/2020 | Date last updated: 04/01/2020


This article contains some important information about attempting to print when connected to a Virtual Private Network (VPN).


If you are connecting to a Virtual Private Network (VPN), you may be able to print and / or scan with your Canon product if you have drivers installed.
However, please keep the following in mind.

  1. The computer that you connect to through the VPN must allow for installation rights.

  2. You will need your printer set up on your personal network. Temporarily disconnect from your VPN before setting up your printer.

  3. Each VPN is different. You may need to contact your network administrator for help.

  4. There is no guarantee that this functionality will work. Canon cannot provide any support if you attempt to print through a VPN.

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