Reset Settings - TR150
Article ID: ART176687 | Date published: 03/31/2020 | Date last updated: 08/10/2020


Learn how to reset various settings of the PIXMA TR150.


Reset setting

Select this from Device settings in the menu screen which appears when you select Setup icon (Gear) (Setup) on the HOME screen. Select the setting category to reset by using the Up arrow Down arrow buttons and pressing the OK button to confirm your selection.

Select what setting category to reset

You can set the settings back to the default.

  • Web service setup only

    Sets the Web service settings back to the default.

  • LAN settings only

    Sets the LAN settings back to the default.

     If you reset the LAN settings on the printer, you will need to reconnect it to a wireless router if you used it from a Windows PC or Mac in a network environment.

  • Settings only

    Sets the settings such as the paper size or media type back to the default.

  • Reset all

    Sets all settings you made to the printer back to the default. The administrator password specified by Remote UI or IJ Network Device Setup Utility reverts to the default setting.

     You cannot set the following setting items back to the default:

    • CSR (Certificate Signing Request) for encryption method (SSL/TLS) setting

    • The current position of the print head

    • The language displayed on the LCD

After selecting the setting category to reset, you will be prompted to confirm if you want to reset the setting category in question.

Prompt to confirm resetting the settings

Use the Up arrow Down arrow buttons to select Yes, then press the OK button to reset the setting category. If you do not want to reset the setting category, select No and press the OK button.