How do I use / enable Count Only mode on my DR-G11xx series scanner?

Article ID: ART176708 | Date published: 04/07/2020 | Date last updated: 04/07/2020


Count Only mode is the function for counting documents before scanning them. Follow the directions below to implement Count Only mode.


The Count-Only mode is executed by the Count Only key on the control panel, and can be used to count documents sheets even when no computer is connected.
  1. Place the documents into the tray.

  2. Press the Count Only key on the control panel.
    PressPres P
    The Count Only key lights blue when the Count-Only mode is enabled.
    Scanner is ready on control panel

  3. Press the Start key to start scanning and count the loaded document sheets.
    Counting display on the control panel

    Important information - please read
    To reset the page counter, press the Count Clear key for approximately two seconds while the Count Only key is lit.
    To clear the Count Only count, press the Count Only key for 2 seconds.

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