Function Difference Between Mobile App and PC (browser) Version

Article ID: ART176719 | Date published: 04/14/2020 | Date last updated: 04/14/2020


Included is a chart that outlines the functional differences between the mobile app versions and the browser version of the service.


Function Smartphone App PC (browser)
Connect camera Connect and disconnect camera

Edit display name

Upload images Upload still image

Upload movie --- ---
View images View images by expiration

View images by connected cameras


View images transferred to the external service


View sent and received images by e-mail addresses


View album images


View images by file type


View meta-information of image

Manage images

Change expiration

Delete image

Search images by shooting date/ upload date

Download images

Automatically download images to PC

Download of dedicated
software is necessary)

Manually download images to PC and smartphone

Transfer images to external services

Set up connection/ Set up auto-transfer

Manually transfer images to external services


Send images to installed smartphone apps

Share images by email

Register/delete e-mail address


Send images to selected e-mail address

Create album

Create/edit album


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