How to automatically download images to your PC that have been uploaded to wirelessly from your camera.

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Images that have been uploaded to from your camera can be automatically downloaded to your PC. By simply uploading them wirelessly to from your camera, your images will be automatically backed up on your computer.


Auto Download Image
How to use
Create a Canon ID account
Please click here if you are using for the first time. If you have a Wi-Fi-compatible Canon camera, please connect it to
Downloader for
Install the PC software Downloader for on your computer. Launch the software, log in to, and set the save destination for downloaded images.
Upload images from the camera wirelessly
Wirelessly upload images to from your camera. All image files (still images, videos, and raw files) that have been uploaded directly from your camera can be automatically downloaded.
Automatically saves the original files
If an image upload to from your camera is detected by the Downloader for software, the original image files will be saved to the specified folder on your PC. Original files that have passed the storage expiration and have been deleted will not be downloaded.
Setting up Downloader for
Operating environment Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 / macOS 10.14 / macOS 10.15
Setup procedure
  1. Download the installer, and install the app. The program will automatically launch once installation is complete.
  2. The  icon will be displayed on the taskbar (Windows) or menu bar (macOS). Click this icon to open the Operations menu, and then select "User authentication". The login screen will open in your browser. Log in with your Canon ID.
  3. The screen for setting the image save destination will open. Specify the save destination folder, and click [OK].
  4. If there are new images from the camera on, the download will start automatically. After that, Downloader for will automatically launch when you log in to your PC.

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