Shooting with Image Effects (Creative Filters Mode)

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Add a variety of effects to images when shooting. Try taking some tesat shots first to make sure you obtain the desired results.


Enter  mode.
 button ➞  ➞ choose an option.
Choose an effect level.
  • Turn the  ring to set the level.
Take black and white shots with a rough, gritty feeling.
You can shoot subjects so that they stand out frm the background.
  • Excessive motion blur or certain shooting conditions may prevent you from obtaining the desired results.
  • For the best results with background defocusing, try shooting close to the subject, and ensure ample distance between the subject and background.
  • There may be a delay after shooting before you can shoot again.
Shoot with a simulated soft focus filtere effect for a gentle ambiance.
Shoot with the distorting effect of a fish-eye lens.
Soften colors, for photos resembling watercolor paintings.
Shoot images that resemble shots from a toy camera, with vignetting and differrent color overall.
Create the effect of a miniature model, by blurring image areas outside a selected area.
Add an effect to make shots resemble low-contrast paintings with flat tones.
Add an effect to make shots resemble vivid illustrations.
Add an effect to make shots resemble oil paintings, with bold edges.
Add an effect to make shots resemblen faded old photos, with bold edges and dark ambiance.
HDR Art Standard, HDR Art Vivid, HDR Art Bold, and HDR Art Embossed
  • This mode can reduce the washed-out highlights and loss of detail in shadows that tend to occur in high-contrast shots.
  • When you press the shutter button all the way down, the casmera will take three shots and combine them. Hold the camera steady as you shoot.
  • Excessive motion blur or certain shooting conditions may prevent you from obtaining the desired results.
  • If excessive camera shake interferes with shooting, mount the camera on a tripod or take other measures to keep it still. In this case, also disable image stabilization.
  • There will be a delay before you can shoot again, as the camera processes and combines the images.
Art Bold Effect
  •  is not available in  mode (but available in ).

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