Setting IPv4 Address - MF640 Series and MF740 Series

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The machine's IPv4 address can be either assigned automatically by a dynamic IP addressing protocol, such as DHCP, or entered manually (Static IP). When connecting the machine to a wired LAN, make sure that the connectors of the LAN cable are firmly inserted into the ports. You can test the network connection if necessary.


Setting IPv4 Address

1. Select <Menu> in the Home screen.

2. Select <Preferences>  <Network>.
If the login screen appears, enter the correct ID and PIN.

3. Select <TCP/IP Settings>  <IPv4 Settings>  <IP Address Settings>.

4. Configure IP address settings.

<Auto Acquire>

Select to automatically assign an IP address via DHCP protocol. When <On> is displayed, automatic addressing is enabled.

<Manually Acquire>

Select to configure the IP address settings by manually entering an IP address. In order to select this option, the automatic acquirement must be set to <Off>.

<Check Settings>

Select when you want to view the current IP address settings.

Automatically assigning an IP address

1. Select <Auto Acquire>.
2. Select <On> in <Auto Acquire>, and select <Select Protocol>.
3. Select <DHCP>.

If you do not want to use DHCP/BOOTP/RARP to assign an IP address
Select <Off>. If you select <DHCP> when these services are unavailable, the machine will waste time and communications resources searching the network for these services.
4. Check that <Auto IP> is set to <On>.
If <Off> is selected, change the setting to <On>.
5. Select <Apply>.

IP addresses assigned via DHCP override the address obtained via Auto IP.

Manually entering an IP address (Static IP Address)

1. Select <Auto Acquire>, and select <Off> in <Auto Acquire>  <Apply>  <OK>.
2. Select <Manually Acquire>.
3. Enter <IP Address>, <Subnet Mask>, and <Gateway Address>, and select <Apply>.

5. Select <OK>.

6. Restart the machine.

Checking whether the settings are correct
Make sure that the Remote UI screen can be displayed with your computer. If a computer is not available, you can check the connection by using the operation panel.

When you have changed the IP address after installing the printer driver
When the MFNP port is used, the connection is maintained as long as the machine and the computer belong to the same subnet; therefore, you do not need to add a new port. When the standard TCP/IP port is used, you need to add a new port.

Testing the Network Connection

1. Select <Menu> in the Home screen.
2. Select <Preferences>  <Network>.
If the login screen appears, enter the correct ID and PIN.
3. Select <TCP/IP Settings>  <IPv4 Settings>  <PING Command>.
4. Enter the IPv4 address of another device on the network, and select <Apply>.
If a proper connection has been established, <Received response from the host.> is displayed.

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