Lamp indications (SELPHY SQUARE QX10)

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Lamp indications (SELPHY SQUARE QX10)


STATUS lampCHARGE lampStatus
OffOffPower off (Not charged)
Blinks slowly greenCharging in progress (Power off)
Lights greenCharging complete (Power off)*1
Blinks slowly whiteOffPrinter start-up in progress
Blinks whiteOffProcessing...
Blinks quickly whiteOffRemove the printed paper.
Lights whiteOffStanding by to print (Not charged)*2
Blinks greenStanding by to print (Battery level low)
Blinks slowly greenStanding by to print (Charging in progress)
Lights greenStanding by to print (Charging complete)
Blinks slowly redBlinks slowly greenOutside the operating temperature range so charging has paused.
Blinks redOffAn error occurred. Check the app message.
Blinks greenThe battery level is low so printing is not possible. Charge the battery.
Blinks quickly redOffAn error occurred. Turn the power off and then on again.
Blinks quickly greenA battery error occurred.
*1 After a while, the CHARGE lamp turns off.
*2 You can check the battery level by pressing the Power button in the Standing by to print (Not charged) status.

  • CHARGE lamp blinks two times:
The battery level is low, but the printer can still be used.
  • CHARGE lamp blinks three times:
The battery level is suffi cient.



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