What is the best way to store my iPF printer when not in use for an extended period of time?

Article ID: ART176879 | Date published: 06/04/2020 | Date last updated: 06/04/2020


 If, for any reason, you wish to store your iPF printer for an extended length of time, please follow the guidelines below.


 If you plan on leaving the printer in it’s current location and just not using it for a while (up to a few months), you can simply power off the printer.

If you are planning on moving the printer into a storage location (other than where the printer is currently located), you will need to do a “Prepare to move” procedure. Consult your user manual to see which of the move procedures will best fit meet your needs. The move procedure you choose will also determine the amount of consumables used during this procedure (maintenance cartridges, ink tanks). Also, be prepared to allow the printer to return to room temperature prior to powering it back on if storing it in a non-environmentally controlled location (I.e. non-heated warehouse during winter months).

NOTE: When you are ready to power the printer back up, please have replacement consumables available (printhead, maintenance cartridge, ink tanks) in case they are needed for the printer to be restarted.
CAUTION: Please make sure that you do not store the printer with any media loaded in it. Leaving the media exposed for extended periods of time can cause some medias to be stiff, brittle, or the coating may start to break down, causing multiple feeding/printing issues. Please remove all loaded media from the printer and store it properly before placing the printer in storage.

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