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Learn about the PDF Editor in IJ Scan Utility for Windows.


The PDF Editor in IJ Scan Utility allows you to rearrange the page order of a PDF file that you can create. It will also allow you to add a previously created PDF file to the end of your new PDF file.

 You can only add PDF files created with IJ Scan Utility. If you attempt to add a PDF file created in another program, you will receive the following error.

Figure; Unsupported PDF file. Cannot use PDF files edited in other applications.

The PDF Editor can be opened by either clicking the PDF Editor button in IJ Scan Utility.

Click the PDF Editor button (outlined in red) to open the PDF Editor

You can also configure IJ Scan Utility to open the PDF Editor by selecting Canon IJ PDF Editor as the application that opens after scanning a document. This is found in Settings (Document Scan) which is accessed by clicking the Settings... button in IJ Scan Utility.

Make sure that Canon IJ PDF Editor is selected for Open with an application (outlined in red)

When this has been specified, click the Document button in IJ Scan Utility.

Click Document (outlined in red)

After your PDF has been saved, Canon IJ PDF Editor will open.

PDF Editor Page view

Save icon (Save)

Overwrites the displayed PDF file. An existing PDF file can be overwritten once it is edited.

 You can also name and save the PDF file in the Save dialog box (PDF edit screen) by selecting Save As... in the File menu.

Scan icon (Scan)

Starts scanning.

Settings icon (Settings)

Displays the Settings dialog box of IJ Scan Utility for specifying how to respond when scanning.

Add page icon (Add Page)

Displays the Open dialog box; select the image or PDF file you want to add, and then click Open to add a page to the end.

Delete page icon (Delete Page)

Deletes the selected page(s).

Move Up icon (Move Up)

Moves the selected page up one page.

Move Down icon (Move Down)

Moves the selected page down one page.

Rotate Left 90 degrees icon (Rotate Left 90°)

Rotates the selected page 90 degrees counter-clockwise.

Rotate right 90 degrees icon (Rotate Right 90°)

Rotates the selected page 90 degrees clockwise.

Page View icon (Page View)

Switches to Page view and displays the page thumbnails and a preview image.

Thumbnail view icon (Thumbnail View)

Switches to Thumbnail view and displays a list of thumbnails of all pages in the PDF file.

Previous page icon (Previous Page)

Displays the page immediately before the displayed page.

Next Page icon (Next Page)

Displays the page immediately after the displayed page.

Specified Page (Specified Page)

Enter a page number to display the specified page.

Reduce icon (Reduce)

Reduces the display size of the preview image displayed in Page view.

Enlarge icon (Enlarge)

Enlarges the display size of the preview image displayed in Page view.

Send icon (Send)

Open in PDF Viewer

Open the saved PDF file in a PDF viewer.

Display Save Location

Displays the folder in which the PDF file is saved.

Instructions icon (Instructions)

Opens the online guide.

Page view:

The preview of the thumbnail selected on the left side appears on the right side.

PDF Editor Page view

Thumbnail view:

Thumbnails appear in the page order from the top left.

figure: Thumbnail view

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