EOS REBEL T8i: Cropping

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You can crop a captured JPEG image and save it as another image. Cropping an image is possible only with JPEG images. Images shot in RAW cannot be cropped.

  1. Select [Playback: Cropping].

  2. Select an image.

    • Use the Left key Right key keys to select the image to crop.
  3. Set the cropping frame.

    • Press SET to display the cropping frame.
    • The image area within the cropping frame will be cropped.
    • Resizing the cropping frame size

      Use the Magnified view or Reduced view button to resize the cropping frame. The smaller the cropping frame, the more magnified the cropped image will look.

    • Changing the cropping frame aspect ratio and orientation

      Use the Quick control dial dial to select Cropping frame aspect ratio. Press SET to change the cropping frame's aspect ratio.

    • Moving the cropping frame

      Use the Up key Down key Left key Right key keys to move the frame vertically or horizontally. Move the cropping frame until it covers the desired image area.

    • Correcting tilt

      You can correct image tilt by ±10°. Use the Quick control dial dial to select Tilt correction, then press SET. While checking tilt relative to the grid, turn the Quick control dial dial (in 0.1° increments) or tap the left or right arrow (in 0.5° increments) in the upper left of the screen to correct tilt. After completing the tilt correction, press SET.

  4. Check the image area to be cropped.

    • Use the Quick control dial dial to select Cropping area.

      The image area to crop is displayed.

  5. Save the image.

    • Use the Quick control dial dial to select Crop and save.
    • Select [OK] to save the cropped image.
    • Check the destination folder and image file number, then select [OK].
    • To crop another image, repeat steps 2 to 5.


  • The position and size of the cropping frame may change depending on the angle set for tilt correction.
  • Once a cropped image is saved, it cannot be cropped again or resized.
  • AF point display information () and Dust Delete Data () will not be appended to the cropped images.




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