EOS REBEL T8i: Photobook Set-up

Article ID: ART177031 | Date published: 06/19/2020 | Date last updated: 09/15/2023


Photobook Set-up



Photobook Set-up

You can specify up to 998 images for printing in a photobook. When you use EOS Utility (EOS software) to import images to a computer, the specified images for a photobook will be copied to a dedicated folder. This function is useful for ordering photobooks online.

Specifying Images Individually

  1. Select [Playback: Photobook Set-up].

  2. Select [Select images].

  3. Select the image to be specified.

    • Use the Left key Right key keys to select the image to be specified for a photobook, then press SET.
    • To select other images to be specified for a photobook, repeat step 3.

Specifying the Image Range for a Photobook

While looking at the images in the index display, you can specify the range (start point to end point) of images to be specified for a photobook at once.

  1. Select [Multiple].

    • Under [Playback: Photobook Set-up], select [Multiple].
  2. Select [Select range].

  3. Specify the range of images.

    • Select the first image (start point).
    • Next, select the last image (end point). A checkmark [Check] will be appended to all the images within the range between first and last images.

Specifying All Images in a Folder or Card

You can specify all the images in a folder or on a card at once for a photobook.

  • Under [Playback: Photobook Set-up], you can set [Multiple] to [All images in folder] or [All images on card] to specify all the images in the folder or on the card for a photobook.
  • To cancel the selection, select [Clear all in folder] or [Clear all on card].
  • If the search conditions are set with [Playback: Set image search conditions] () and you select [Multiple], the display will change to [All found images] and [Clear all found images].

    • If you select [All found images], all the found images will be specified for the photobook.
    • If you select [Clear all found images], all the photobook order of the filtered images will be cleared.


  • RAW images or movies cannot be specified for the photobook. Note that RAW images or movies will not be specified for the photobook even if you specify all images with [Multiple].
  • Do not use this camera to configure photobook settings for images with photobook settings set up on another camera. All the photobook settings may be overwritten inadvertently.




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