How to load images (logo) onto RP10 for use with your Canon Check Reader

Article ID: ART177115 | Date published: 07/06/2020 | Date last updated: 07/06/2020


 Follow the steps below to load images (logo) onto the RP10 Check Reader Receipt Printer.


  1.  Please install an official RP10 driver from the link below. Follow the installation instructions to complete the installation.
  2. Go to Program > Canon RP10 > RP10 Configuration.

  3. In the Canon RP10 Configuration, please make sure:
    The COM Port drop down shows the same COM port number you see in the control panel.
    "Use OPOS driver" is checked.

  4. Please download the Logo Tool from the link below and unzip the file.

  5. In the unzipped folder you downloaded in step 4, please go to OPOS Test Tool > logo > logos folder.

  6. In the logos folder, you will see sample bitmap files. Please replace files with your images. Please ask your software vendor which images will be used in your app. The image has to be in a BMP file format with the width/height of 512 pixels or less.

  7. Go back to the OPOS Test Tool folder, and run "FirstOPOS.exe".

  8. In the Canon RP10 OPOS Test Tool, click "Load".

  9. Go to FIle > Register Bitmap.

  10. In the "Open" screen, please go to OPOS Test Tool > logo, and select logos.ini. It will take some time to load images into the RP10.

  11. To confirm if the images are properly loaded, type the following command in the text window and click "Print Test".
    If you see images on the receipt, then the images have been properly loaded.

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