Supported Media Types - PRO-300
Article ID: ART177131 | Date published: 07/20/2020 | Date last updated: 04/18/2023


Learn about the media types you can use with the imagePROGRAF PRO-300.


Supported Media Types (Media Types You Can Use)

For best results, choose paper designed for how you are printing. A variety of paper for documents as well as photos or illustrations is available from Canon. Use genuine Canon paper to print important photos, when possible.


Media Types

Genuine Canon paper

 For warnings on use of the non-printable side, see each product's usage information.

 Page sizes and media types differ depending on the country or region where the paper is sold. For details on page sizes and media types, access the Canon website.

 Genuine Canon paper is not available in some countries or regions. Note that in the United States, Canon paper is not sold by model number. Instead, purchase paper by name.

Paper for printing documents:

  • Canon Red Label Superior <WOP111>

  • Canon Océ Office Colour Paper <SAT213>

Paper for printing photos:

  • Photo Paper Pro Platinum <PT-101>

  • Photo Paper Plus Glossy II <PP-201/PP-208/PP-301>

  • Photo Paper Pro Luster <LU-101>

  • Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss <SG-201>

  • Matte Photo Paper <MP-101>

  • Photo Paper Pro Premium Matte <PM-101>

  • Premium Fine Art Smooth <FA-SM1>

  • Premium Fine Art Rough <FA-RG1>

Paper for making original goods:

  • Printable Nail Stickers <NL-101>

Paper other than genuine Canon paper

  • Plain Paper (including recycled paper)

  • Greeting Card

  • Card Stock

 When printing photos saved on a PictBridge (Wi-Fi) compliant device, you must specify the page size and media type.

Page Sizes

You can use the following page sizes.

 Page sizes and media types the printer supports differ depending on the OS you are using.

Standard sizes when using the top feed:

  • Letter

  • Legal

  • 11"x17"(28x43cm)

  • A5

  • A4

  • A3

  • A3+

  • B5

  • B4

  • KG/4"x6"(10x15)

  • 5"x7"(13x18cm)

  • 7"x10"(18x25cm)

  • 8"x10"(20x25cm)

  • 10"x12"(25x30cm)

  • 210x594mm

  • L(89x127mm)

  • 2L(127x178mm)

  • Square 5"

  • 12"x12"(30x30cm)

  • Hagaki

  • Hagaki 2

Standard sizes when using the manual feed tray:

  • Letter

  • Legal

  • 11"x17"(28x43cm)

  • A4

  • A3

  • A3+

  • B4

  • 8"x10"(20x25cm)

  • 10"x12"(25x30cm)

  • 210x594mm

  • 12"x12"(30x30cm)

Special sizes

Special page sizes must be within the following limits:

  • top feed

    • Minimum size: 3.50 x 5.00 in. (89.0 x 127.0 mm)

    • Maximum size: 12.95 x 39.00 in. (329.0 x 990.6 mm)

  • manual feed tray

    • Minimum size: 8.00 x 10.00 in. (203.2 x 254.0 mm)

    • Maximum size: 13.00 x 39.00 in. (330.2 x 990.6 mm)

Paper Weight / Thickness

You can use paper in the following weight/thickness ranges.

* Don't use paper heavier or thicker than this, as it could jam in the printer.

  • top feed

    Plain paper: From 17 to 28 lb (64 to 105 g /m2)

    Specialty paper: Up to 80 lb (300 g /m2) / from 4 to 11.8 mil (0.1 to 0.3 mm)

  • manual feed tray

    Specialty paper: Up to 93 lb (350 g /m2) / from 4 to 23.6 mil (0.1 to 0.6 mm)

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