macOS Print Dialog (Advanced Paper Settings) - PRO-300
Article ID: ART177224 | Date published: 07/27/2020 | Date last updated: 07/27/2020


Learn about the options available in the Advanced Paper Settings section of the macOS Print dialog when using the imagePROGRAF PRO-300.


Advanced Paper Settings

Use this dialog box to set detailed print settings that match the media type loaded on the printer.

If the paper becomes stained during printing or if the quality of the print results is less than expected, using these settings may improve the print results.

figure:Advanced Paper Settings in the Print dialog

Drying Time

Allows you to set how long the printer rests before printing of the next page starts.
If the next page is ejected before the print surface dries completely and the paper becomes stained, set a longer ink drying wait time.

Print Head Height

Allows you to widen the gap between the print head and the paper to reduce paper abrasion when printing high density pages. To reduce paper abrasion, select Avoid Paper Abrasion.

Clear Coating Area

Set the clear coating area.


The printer automatically sets the areas to be clear-coated and whether clear coating is to be performed.
It may be possible to reduce the ink consumption of the chroma optimizer (CO) or to accelerate the print speed.


The printer clear-coats the entire print area.
If selecting Auto produced unsatisfactory clear coating effects, selecting Overall may improve the results.

Cancel Margin Regulation

Cancels the safety margin regulation when you set Media Type to Matte Photo Paper, Premium Fine Art Smooth, Premium Fine Art Rough, or Photo Paper Pro Premium Matte A from the Quality & Media pop-up menu of the print dialog.
When you check this item, the safety margin regulation is canceled, printing in a wider print area and borderless full-page printing become possible, and printing can be performed for all paper sizes.
When the safety margin regulation is canceled, the paper may become smudged or the print quality may drop depending on the paper size used and the environment.
If that happens, we recommend that you print on a paper size that has large margins.