Media Configuration Tool Guides for Windows and Mac

Article ID: ART177236 | Date published: 07/29/2020 | Date last updated: 07/29/2020


This article provides a link to the guides for the latest versions of the Media Configuration Tool for Windows and Mac.


Using the Media Configuration Tool allows you to do the following.

  • Adding and Updating Media Information

    When new paper supported by the printer is added / updated, the media information file can be downloaded from the Internet and the new media information can be added / updated to the printer.

  • Registering Media Information to Multiple Printers

    You can register the same media information for the same model printer.

  • Changing Paper Name and Paper Display Order

    You can rearrange lists of the types of paper on the printer control panel and in printer driver dialog boxes and rename them, in addition to other functions.

  • Customizing Media Information

    When you use paper other than Canon genuine paper or Canon feed confirmed paper, you can customize existing media information and add it to the printer.

 Learn more about the Media Configuration Tool.

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