How do I replace or clean the rollers and separation pad in my R10 scanner?

Article ID: ART177389 | Date published: 08/31/2020 | Date last updated: 08/31/2020


 The feed roller and separation pad inside the R10 scanner are consumable parts and will wear with scanning. If either the feed roller or the separation pad or both are worn, documents may not feed correctly and paper jams may occur.

In this event, follow the steps outlined below to replace the feed roller and separation pad.


  1.  Open the feed tray.
    Open the feed tray (R10)

  2. Open the feeder cover.
    Open the feeder cover (R10)

  3. Open the roller cover.
    Open the roller cover (R10)

  4. Slide the feed roller to the left and then remove it.
    Slide the feed roller left (R10)

  5. Remove the separation pad.
    Remove separation pad (R10)

  6. Attach the separation pad.
    Attach separation pad (R10)

  7. Attach (new) feed roller. Align the notch on the roller with the shaft on the main unit side.
    Insert feed roller aligning notch with the shaft (R10)

  9. Slide the feed roller to the right.
    Slide feed roller to the right (R10)

  11. Completely close the roller cover so that it clicks into place.
    Failure to securely close the feed cover will cause document feed problems.
    Close roller cover until it clicks in place (R10)

  13. Close the feeder cover.
    Close feeder cover (R10)

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