How do I turn (power) ON / OFF my R10 scanner?

Article ID: ART177395 | Date published: 09/02/2020 | Date last updated: 09/02/2020


 The power of this scanner is designed to turn ON when the feed tray is opened and OFF when the feed tray is closed. To power the R10 scanner ON or OFF, follow the steps below:


  1.  Raise the feed tray slightly while pressing the feed tray release lever and extend the front panel of the feed tray before opening the entire feed tray.
    The scanner turns ON, and the Start button lights.
    Raise feed tray
  2. To power OFF the scanner, close the feed tray.
    The scanner turns OFF.
    Close feed tray to power off scanner (R10)
    NOTE: Do not close the feed tray while the document guides are spread open. This can damage the scanner and result in malfunction.
    Close and fold down all document guides before closing the feed tray (R10)
  3. Push the section (front cover) at the front of the feed tray to close it.
    Push front cover closed (R10)

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