MP Navigator EX - Send via E-mail Dialog (Mac) - MX870
Article ID: ART177445 | Date published: 09/08/2020 | Date last updated: 09/08/2020


Learn about the Send via E-mail dialog in MP Navigator EX for the Mac.


Send via E-mail Dialog

Click Send in the View & Use window, then click Attach to E-mail on the list to open the Send via E-mail dialog.

In the Send via E-mail dialog, you can make advanced settings for attaching images to e-mail.

 MP Navigator EX is compatible with the following e-mail software programs:

  • Mail (Mac OS standard)


  • Microsoft Entourage

(If an e-mail software program does not operate properly, check that the program supports file attachments. For details, refer to the manual of the e-mail software program.)

 Only PDF and JPEG files can be attached to e-mail.

figure: Send via E-mail dialog

  • Mail Program

    The e-mail software program set up on the General tab of the Preferences dialog is displayed. Select the e-mail software program you want to use.

  • Adjust attachment file size

    When save as type is JPEG, selecting this checkbox allows you to resize the images. Select a size from Size.

  • Save in

    Displays the folder in which to save the images. To change the folder, click Browse... to specify another one. If resized, the resized images are saved.

    By default, folders are created and named with the current date (for example, "Mail_20100101") under the MP Navigator EX folder in the Pictures folder.

  • File name

    Enter the file name of the image to be attached (up to 64 characters). When saving multiple files, 4 digits are appended to each file name.

  • Set...

    You can specify a compression type for JPEG files.

    Select High(Low Compression), Standard or Low(High Compression).