Before Inserting a Memory Card - TR8620

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This article provides important information you'll need to know before inserting a memory card into the PIXMA TR8620.


The following types of memory cards and image data are compatible with the printer.

 If you took and saved photos on a type of memory card that does not guarantee the operation on your PictBridge (Wi-Fi) compliant device, the image data may be unreadable on the printer or damaged. For information on memory cards that your PictBridge (Wi-Fi) compliant device guarantees operation, refer to the instruction manual supplied with your PictBridge (Wi-Fi) compliant device.

 Format the memory card using a digital camera compliant with the Design rule for Camera File system (Exif 2.2/2.21/2.3 compliant), TIFF (Exif 2.2/2.21/2.3 compliant). The memory card may not be compatible with the printer if it is formatted on a computer.

Memory Cards that Do Not Require a Card Adapter

  • SD Secure Digital memory card, SDHC memory card, SDXC memory card

    SD (Secure Digital) card

Memory Cards that Require a Card Adapter

Be sure to attach the special card adapters to the following memory cards before inserting into the card slot.

  • miniSD Card, miniSDHC Card

    Use the special "SD Card Adapter".

    miniSD card with adapter

  • microSD Card, microSDHC Card, microSDXC Card

    Use the special "SD Card Adapter".

    microSD card with adapter

 If one of these memory cards is inserted without the card adapter, you may not be able to remove the memory card. If this happens, your printer will require servicing.

There are two options currently available to you.

  1. Warranty Service – If you are within the 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and have your proof of purchase you are entitled to service or replacement. If you have purchased a CarePak Canon extended warranty, you may be entitled to additional options.  Please create or log into your Canon Account to obtain service.
  2. Out of Warranty – If you are outside of your warranty period, you may qualify for purchasing a replacement through the Canon Upgrade Program. Please contact our Sales group to inquire about your upgrade options at 866-443-8002.
To verify your support options please create or log into your Canon Account.

Printable Image Data

  • This printer accepts images taken with a camera compliant with the Design rule for Camera File system (Exif 2.2/2.21/2.3 compliant), TIFF (Exif 2.2/2.21/2.3 compliant). Other image or movie types such as RAW images cannot be printed.

  • The printer accepts images scanned and saved with the printer when Doc.type is set to Photo and Format is set to JPEG (file extension ".jpg").

 This device incorporates exFAT technology licensed from Microsoft.

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