Replacing the Ink Rollers - P23-DH V

Article ID: ART177485 | Date published: 09/10/2020 | Date last updated: 09/10/2020


Learn how to replace the ink rollers.


Note: Turn the power switch off.
  1. Remove the printer cover. (Figure 5)
  2. Hold the left side of the ink roller indicated as “pull up” and lift the ink roller up to remove it.
    (Figure 6)
    • To maintain clear printing, change the ink roller after about 8 rolls of printing paper have been used.
  3. Insert a new ink roller into position. (Figure 7)
  4. Replace the printer cover. (Figure 8)

CAUTION: The edge of the paper cutter may cut, please handle with care!
• Use only the Ink Roller CP-13
• Do not attempt to refill the ink roller, since this may cause mechanical difficulties.

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