Saving Received Faxes Automatically to a Memory Card - PIXMA TR8620

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Learn how to set up the PIXMA TR8620 so that it will automatically save incoming faxes to an attached memory card.


Saving Received Faxes Automatically on a Memory Card

You can save received faxes on a memory card as PDF files automatically when receiving a fax.

This article describes the procedure to enable the printer to save received faxes on a memory card automatically.

 Do not remove the memory card from the printer when the printer is set to save received faxes on a memory card automatically.

 For safety reasons, we recommend backing up faxes saved on a memory card to another media periodically to avoid unexpected accidents.

 We assume no responsibility for damage to or loss of data for whatever reason even within the warranty period.

 Awaiting document processing. is displayed on the Fax standby screen and the faxes are stored in the printer's memory when the received faxes are not saved on the memory card because the memory card is not inserted or because it is not writable.

 You can save the faxes stored in the printer's memory to the memory card manually.or delete the unnecessary faxes from the printer's memory after saving to the memory card.

  1. Make sure that the printer is powered on.

  2. Select Setup icon Setup on the HOME screen.

  3. Select Device settings Device settings.

  4. Select FAX settings.

  5. Select Auto save setting.

  6. Select ON.

  7. Select Memory card.

  8. Insert a memory card into the card slot.

 You can save up to 250 pages of fax as one PDF file.

 You can save up to 2000 PDF files on a memory card.

 If the memory card is removed or becomes full while saving faxes is in progress, the error message is displayed on the touch screen. Select OK to dismiss the error.

 The folder and file name of faxes saved on the memory card is as follows:

  • Folder name: CANON_SC\FAXDOC\0001

  • File name (file extension: PDF): Running numbers, starting from FAX_0001

  • File date: The date and time of saving as set in the printer.

     Learn how to set the date and time on the printer.

  • When removing the memory card, set Auto save setting to OFF.
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